Cory Tamler
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Cory Tamler's writing and translations have been published by Asymptote Journal, Howlround, the Berlin Theatertreffen, EXBERLINER, and in the anthology The Animated Reader edited by Brian Droitcour for the New Museum. As a playwright and theater maker, her focus is on collaborative and community-based, site-responsive performance, and she has written plays and created performances based on research, interviews, and places with Open Waters Theater Arts, Yinzerspielen, and Unlisted. She is a member of the Network of Ensemble Theaters and an alumna of DirectorsLabChicago, and was part of The Civilians' inaugural Field Research Team. She teaches creative writing workshops with WritopiaLab and is the teaching artist in residence with Brooklyn Acts. Originally from Pittsburgh, Cory has lived and worked in Chicago, and in Berlin as a Fulbright scholar. Currently, she is based in Brooklyn.

Cory Tamler's articles

Warm Up with PS122’s Red Hot COIL

PS122's COIL festival runs at various venues throughout New York City from January 5-17. Extended Play features three shows from this year's line up.

In the Penobscot River’s Open Waters, Fish Are the Performers

In May of 2015, Jennie Hahn of Maine's Open Waters performance collaborative launched a multi-year investigation into the Penobscot River. She invited writer Cory Tamler to help launch the project, which will inform a performance event in 2017.

Pulling the Wagon: Turbo Pascal and the Theater of Social Work

“We never felt like 'professional' professional artists.” German theater collective Turbo Pascal aggressively creates free and public art in a country where the state-run theater monopolizes professional opportunities.