Cynthia Hopkins

Cynthia Hopkins is an internationally acclaimed musical performance artist. She writes and sings songs, records albums and creates groundbreaking multi-media performance works that intertwine truth and fiction, blurring the lines between edification and entertainment. Through the process of making performances, she attempts to alchemize disturbance into works of intrigue and hope that simultaneously stimulate the senses, provoke emotion and enliven the mind. She has produced six performance works: "A Living Documentary" (2014); "This Clement World" (2013); "The Truth: A Tragedy" (2010); "The Success of Failure (or, The Failure of Success)" (2009); "Must Don't Whip 'Um" (2007 Bessie Award for design); and "Accidental Nostalgia" (2005 Bessie Award for Creation). She also has produced eight albums of original music: "The Truth: A Tragedy" (2010); "The Success of Failure (or, The Failure of Success)" (2009); "Must Don’t Whip ‘Um" (2008); "Accidental Nostalgia" (2005); "Alas Alack" (2002); "Devotionals (Songs for Shunkin)" (2001); "Hooker" (2000); and "Gloria Deluxe" (1999). Her band Gloria Deluxe (1999-2009) developed an enthusiastic following for its unique blend of folk, cabaret, rock, blues and country music, producing multiple albums and performing hundreds of concerts, opening for legendary artists such as David Byrne and Patti Smith. Her work has been honored with many awards, including the 2007 Alpert Award in Theater and a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship. Ms. Hopkins also works as a performer and composer for hire, most recently appearing at BAM in the Big Dance Theater piece "Alan Smithee Directed This Play." She is currently at work on several new projects — an experimental lecture demonstration about alcoholism, a memorial service for her large-scale works in collaboration with the Fabric Workshop & Museum in Philadelphia, and a piece exploring the trials and tribulations of social media — while continuing to work as a performer, composer, voice over artist and musician for many other folks.

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