Ed Wasserman
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Ed Wasserman is a New York City-based playwright, currently pursuing his MFA at Columbia University. His plays include "Dear Mr. Kappus," "From Pilgrim Landing," and "Between Fire and Smoke." Ed is also a co-creator of "Town Hall," an interactive, documentary piece, modeled on the format of local town hall meetings.

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This is Reading: Barbara Tarcynzki & Juan Zabala with Ed Wasserman

We’re so stuck on “This has worked here for so long,” that sometimes we’re scared to take the risk to change it. And I think that’s when you need the younger generation and you need the new populace to start telling you, “This is what we like, and this is what it needs to be.” — Juan Zabala

This is Reading: JD Turner with Ed Wasserman

"As a skateboarder, you look at things differently. Like architecture. And the way things are built. The way you can move your board on something." - JD Turner