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PearlDamour Explores What it Means to Be American, One Town Named Milton at a Time

Performance art duo PearlDamour investigates the corners of America in their latest community engagement experiment and site-specific performance "Milton."

Transforming Documentary Film into Live Spectacle: Sam Green on Exploring the Fleeting Nature of Being Alive

“I don’t want to make a piece that bums people out. You can start to sound precious saying stuff like this, but in my mind, human connection and empathy are some of the highest aims of art."

Andrew R. Butler and Portia Krieger Talk AMERICAN CRYPTIDS At Joe’s Pub This Monday, February 25th

Come see AMERICAN CRYPTIDS, an investigative musical theater performance. This Monday, February 25th, 7pm at Joe's Pub.

From Plus-sized Porn Princess to Social Media Maven: Catching Up with Kelly Shibari

In 2009, the Civilians interviewed Kelly Shibari as part of the research for the new musical "Pretty Filthy." Extended Play recently caught up with Shibari to see how the industry has changed since. Post contains NSFW images.

Examining the Real-Life Side of Crime with Artist Alix Lambert

"If you're in a city and want to know who's going to be aware of what's going on criminally, going to a pawn shop or a boxing gym or a tattoo parlor can be productive."

Building the Future with Gaming and Participatory Theater

In his new musical “The Universe is a Small Hat,” writer/director César Alvarez invites audiences to build a society on a techno-utopian space colony.