Jasmyn Brielle
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Jasmyn Brielle is a writer, poet, and creative director. She finds her inspiration through love, travel, and nature. After graduating from SUNY Purchase with a B.A. in Journalism she dove into editorial writing at Collide Agency covering events like Village Voice’s Choice Eats, NYC’s Food Film Festival, and Northside’s Taste Talks. Discovering new food haunts is her hobby, and on her days off you can find her writing poems in a sunset.

Jasmyn Brielle's articles

Photo Essay: “Let Me Ascertain You: Hormones”

Jasmyn Brielle's photo essay reflects on the creation of "Let Me Ascertain You: Hormones," an interview-based cabaret curated by Civilians R&D Group Members Chris Tyler, Simone Wolff and Kit Yan.