Jeremy D. Olson
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Jeremy D. Olson creates installations, videos and performances that explore our unconscious and affective relationships with mundane entities – politicians, tomatoes, ants, Gatorade, Spandex and generic office furniture, for example – to trace our entanglements in larger social and ideological systems. His work uses exaggeration and exacerbation to produce uncanny effects, sometimes adhering to aesthetic rules too strictly, or at the wrong times, resulting in forms that are seductive, awkward and disturbing. A former dancer and physicist, his work has been exhibited in New York City and internationally, and he has performed with David Neumann, Trisha Brown, Polly Motley and many others. He has an MFA from Parsons, the New School for Design, and studied physics at Princeton and Harvard.

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Campaign Office Puts You on the Presidential Ballot

Campaign Office is a new physical and digital installation where would-be candidates can self-nominate for President of the United States. Visitors are invited to launch their campaign by recording an announcement speech, generated automatically from 2016 campaign speeches, and filing paperwork necessary to be an official candidate for president.