Larissa FastHorse
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Larissa FastHorse is an award-winning playwright and choreographer and a member of the Sicangu Lakota Nation. Larissa's produced plays include "Urban Rez," "Landless," "Average Family," "Teaching Disco Squaredancing to Our Elders: a Class Presentation," and "Cherokee Family Reunion." Three new plays "Vanishing Point," "What Would Crazy Horse Do?" and "The Thanksgiving Play," are scheduled for production in the next year.

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Larissa FastHorse Breaks From Theater’s Inhospitable Environment with “Urban Rez”

"Years ago as an audience member, I was the one shushing people if they made what I considered too much noise. I worried about what I wore and glared at people who texted during shows. Now I go to the theater and all I can see is what an inhospitable environment we have created." - Larissa FastHorse