Lee Sunday Evans
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Lee Sunday Evans is a two-time Obie Award winning Director + Choreographer, and was recently appointed Artistic Director of Waterwell. Recent projects include: The Courtroom with transcripts arranged by Arian Moayed (Waterwell), Detroit Red by Will Power (ArtsEmeerson), Dance Nation by Clare Barron (Playwrights Horizons, Steppenwolf), In the Green by Grace McClean (LCT3), Intractable Woman by Stefano Massini and Caught by Christopher Chen (The Play Company), HOME by Geoff Sobelle (BAM Next Wave).

Lee Sunday Evans's articles

The Power of Transcripts: Waterwell and Immigration

Lee Sunday Evans, the artistic director of New York City’s Waterwell, discusses the power of transcripts in performance, the topics of immigration and deportation, and the urgent attention that needs to be paid to the United States' border right now.