Yazmany Arboleda

Yazmany Arboleda (b. 1981) is a Colombian American artist based in Brooklyn. An architect by training, Yazmany’s practice focuses on creating “Living Sculptures,” people coming together to transform their experience of the world through co-creation. His work engages communities in a process of reinvention by using our collective imagination. He believes that art is a universal language of invention and agency, through which we redefine culture, express our shared experience and envision all possibilities. Over the past two decades he has created public art projects with communities in India, Japan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan, Spain, and Colombia. In the United States he has collaborated with Carnegie Hall, the Yale School of Management, and BRIC. He is currently the artist in residence at IntegrateNYC, the Director of Communications for Artists Striving To End Poverty, and a cofounder of the Artist As Citizen Conference. He lectures at UNC, MIT, and LPAC about the power of art in public space. At the heart of his practice is the idea that art is a verb, not a noun. To learn more visit yazmany.net.

Yazmany Arboleda's articles

Not Another Memory Play

In this essay, the members of the Remember2019 Collective, Arielle Julia Brown, Ashley Teague, Carlos Sirah, Mauricio Tafur Salgado and Yazmany Arboleda, talk about their eight-year durational, grassroots engagement with the Black community of the Arkansas Delta.