“Martha, the Last Pigeon” Lives Again: Behind the Scenes of the Music Video of a Michael Friedman Classic

Extended Play's Daniel Krane interviews Alix Lambert and Brian Young about the making of the music video for a classic Michael Friedman song and what Michael Friedman's work means to them.

Revolting Activism: The Yes Men Blend Performance and Real-World Action

Activist/writer Andrea Ciannavei interviews Jacques Servin and Laura Nix about the Yes Men, the activist performance duo that targets power systems.

Stretch Your Legs and Imagination with Elastic City

"The thing I ask the artist is: What’s urgent to you? And then also: What can you do with groups that you might not be able to do by yourself? There is a politic there. Some people address it head on in a very overt way, and others are more nuanced."

In the Penobscot River’s Open Waters, Fish Are the Performers

In May of 2015, Jennie Hahn of Maine's Open Waters performance collaborative launched a multi-year investigation into the Penobscot River. She invited writer Cory Tamler to help launch the project, which will inform a performance event in 2017.

Artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph on Energizing Urban Ecosystems

"I grew up in New York, I love gray. But then I moved to California and fell in love with blue."

Can Theater Save the Planet?

Steve Cosson and Cynthia Hopkins discuss their different theatrical journeys through the Arctic to address the global climate change crisis.

The Hunt for Humanity in Global Climate Change: Anthony Lioi on “The Great Immensity”

Environmental literary critic Anthony Lioi unpacks the work of environmentalist media and artists who grapple with global climate change.

Sex Variants, Part 3

The third episode in our "Sex Variants" series further explores the work of sex researcher Dr. George W. Henry. Here, Trey Lyford, David Cale, Cyrilla Baer and Dito Van Riegersberg perform songs and monologues based on the doctor's research.

The High Line

Actors perform a piece about New York City's High Line public park, written for the Civilians' Annual Spring Benefit in 2012.

“Canard, Canard, Goose”

A live recording of the tenth anniversary concert staging of "Canard, Canard, Goose," the first show the Civilians ever produced.

Atlantic Yards, Part 2

In this episode, actors embody the words of those involved with the Atlantic Yards development project, including politicians Marty Markowitz and Letitia James.

Atlantic Yards, Part I

In the first episode of "Let Me Ascertain You," Civilians artists perform material for the company's play "In the Footprint: The Battle Over Atlantic Yards."

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