In Search of Complexities: Documentary Theatre in Today’s Russia

Moscow-based director Anastasia Patlay discusses the power of documentary theatre to elevate the voices of those who are not typically represented on stage in today's Russia.

Working from a Place of Courage

Ten years after "The Great Immensity," received a National Science Foundation grant that drew the ire of Congressional Republicans, The Civilians' Artistic Director Steve Cosson discusses the complicated relationship between the government and arts organizations.

Join the Fight for Racial Justice in New York

On this Juneteenth, organizations to support and actions you can take to fight for racial justice in New York City.

Civilians’ R&D In Process: Between Cultures, Between Texts, Between Worlds (Entre Culturas, Entre Textos, Entre Mundos)

Kathleen Capdesuñer discusses her work directing Matt Barbot's "Drown My Book" as part of the Civilians' 2019-20 R&D Group.

Announcing the Ninth Annual R&D Group FINDINGS Series – now online! – and opening applications for the 2020-2021 R&D Group

The Civilians presents the ninth annual R&D Group FINDINGS Series, running 5/29-6/29, and opens applications for the 2020-21 R&D Group.

The Memory of a Mining Disaster’s Aftermath Lives On in “Coal Country”

Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen discuss their documentary play "Coal Country" before and after its coronavirus cancellation.

Expanding Where, Why, How, and With Whom Artists in the United States Work

Jan Cohen-Cruz invites theater makers working in community-based and socially engaged art in the United States to take part in research about commonalities across the field, the practices and principles adhered to, where people work and with whom, and more.

Civilians’ R&D In Process: SANCTUARY

In our R&D In Process Series, members of our 2019-20 R&D Group take us behind-the-scenes of their projects in development. Today, Jason Tseng describes connecting with the New Sanctuary Coalition community as part of research for Tseng's new immersive piece, "Sanctuary."

The Power of Transcripts: Waterwell and Immigration

Lee Sunday Evans, the artistic director of New York City’s Waterwell, discusses the power of transcripts in performance, the topics of immigration and deportation, and the urgent attention that needs to be paid to the United States' border right now.

Civilians’ R&D In Process: DROWN MY BOOK

Over the next several weeks, members of our 2019-20 R&D Group will take us behind-the-scenes of their projects in development. Today, Matt Barbot shares about "Drown My Book." It will receive a work-in-progress showing on May 29 at 7pm.

Civilians’ R&D In Process: THIS SHOW IS MONEY

Over the next several weeks, members of our 2019-20 R&D Group will take us behind-the-scenes of their projects in development. Today, Crystal Skillman and Gaby Alter share about "This Show Is Money." It will receive a work-in-progress showing on June 15.

Resources for Freelance Artists

The Civilians has pulled together lists of resources for artists affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including emergency grants, job opportunities, and more.

Tina Satter Unlocks the Drama of an FBI Transcript

Director Tina Satter on how she and Half Straddle brought a verbatim FBI transcript to life in "Is This A Room."

“Chains Don’t Rattle Themselves” Finds Music in Incarcerated Youths’ Stories

Alex Hare, director and co-conceiver of "Chains Don't Rattle Themselves," explores stories by formerly incarcerated writers and affected family members.

Larissa FastHorse Breaks From Theater’s Inhospitable Environment with “Urban Rez”

"Years ago as an audience member, I was the one shushing people if they made what I considered too much noise. I worried about what I wore and glared at people who texted during shows. Now I go to the theater and all I can see is what an inhospitable environment we have created." - Larissa FastHorse

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