“Chains Don’t Rattle Themselves” Finds Music in Incarcerated Youths’ Stories

Alex Hare, director and co-conceiver of "Chains Don't Rattle Themselves," explores stories by formerly incarcerated writers and affected family members.

Larissa FastHorse Breaks From Theater’s Inhospitable Environment with “Urban Rez”

"Years ago as an audience member, I was the one shushing people if they made what I considered too much noise. I worried about what I wore and glared at people who texted during shows. Now I go to the theater and all I can see is what an inhospitable environment we have created." - Larissa FastHorse

At Home and Abroad, the Abbey Theatre Explores the Intersection of Peace and Violence

With its current productions of "Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme" in Dublin and "Quietly" in New York, the Abbey Theatre mines Irish history to pose universal questions about human violence.

Campaign Office Puts You on the Presidential Ballot

Campaign Office is a new physical and digital installation where would-be candidates can self-nominate for President of the United States. Visitors are invited to launch their campaign by recording an announcement speech, generated automatically from 2016 campaign speeches, and filing paperwork necessary to be an official candidate for president.

#Rent20 — Sarah Schulman and Chris Tyler on What Artists Own

On the 20th anniversary of the Broadway opening of "Rent," Extended Play's Tommy O'Malley sits down with Sarah Schulman and Chris Tyler to talk about the legacy of the Pulitzer Prize-winning show. Schulman argues that Jonathan Larson plagiarized huge chunks of "Rent" from her novel "People in Trouble."

Revolting Activism: The Yes Men Blend Performance and Real-World Action

Activist/writer Andrea Ciannavei interviews Jacques Servin and Laura Nix about the Yes Men, the activist performance duo that targets power systems.

Battling Brooklyn Gentrification with Performance Art

Performance artist Aisha Cousins, along with musician Greg Tate, created “Brer Rabbit the Opera” as a response to the shifting demographics in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

PearlDamour Explores What it Means to Be American, One Town Named Milton at a Time

Performance art duo PearlDamour investigates the corners of America in their latest community engagement experiment and site-specific performance "Milton."

From Muslims in America to Child Soldiers in the Congo: Ping Chong Values Underheard Voices

In his nearly 50-year career, investigative theater pioneer Ping Chong has explored some of the more controversial topics of our time and inspired others to emulate his methodology.

Can Theater Save the Planet?

Steve Cosson and Cynthia Hopkins discuss their different theatrical journeys through the Arctic to address the global climate change crisis.

KJ Sanchez Tackles the NFL Concussion Crisis

Playwright KJ Sanchez gained acclaim documenting the experiences of Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Next, she turns her investigative lens on a different kind of trauma survivor: NFL players.

How Facebook Brought the Afghan Battlefield to the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Playwright Jason Grote on “BASETRACK Live,” a multimedia theater piece born from photojournalism that news outlets wouldn't touch.

Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle Brings Abuse Survivors’ Voices to the United Nations

“I kept it very close to their own words. There was something sacred about it. I didn’t want to mess with the power they have.”

Playwright A. Zell Williams on Storytelling and Understanding the Other

The Playwright-in-Residence at the Public discusses getting past the small talk in his podcast and his plays.

Holy Matrimony! Part 4

The final installment in our marriage series features a couple who traveled cross-country and exchanged vows in every state that recognizes legal marriage. Also, a trio sings a song about what happens "In Vegas."

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