Andrew R. Butler and Portia Krieger Talk AMERICAN CRYPTIDS At Joe’s Pub This Monday, February 25th

Come see AMERICAN CRYPTIDS, an investigative musical theater performance. This Monday, February 25th, 7pm at Joe's Pub.

EP Weekly Roundup 10.21.16

This week's Roundup features shows from Berlin, New York and Los Angeles.

We’ll Meet You Where You’re At: Axis Ballymun Serves Its Community in North Dublin

Axis Ballymun is a cultural organization serving the regenerated community of Ballymun in North Dublin. Axis Program Manager Niamh Ní Chonchubhair recently gave Extended Play a tour of their facilities.

Verbatim Playwright Alecky Blythe Takes “London Road” from the Streets to the Stage to the Screen

The verbatim film musical "London Road" premieres this month in the United States. Extended Play's Tommy O'Malley spoke to Alecky Blythe, who wrote both the film and the stage play on which it is based.

Eileen Myles Talks the 70’s, Patti Smith, and “Poetry Voice”

"The longer I've done public readings, the more I've understood that you have to take that space, and not worry about the audience getting uncomfortable." — Eileen Myles

Fusebox 2016 Lights up Austin

"Just don't forget there's no essential you, know what I mean? There's no ground. And that's scary, but I think it's also fantastic. Because that means you can be anything. We don't have to be stuck in the roles that we're led to believe we need to be stuck in. We don't have to be. I think it's a message of hope that we're empty." - Dickie Beau

Looking Back on Our First Year at Extended Play

We are celebrating one year of bringing you some of the most exciting stories about investigative theater artists from around the world! Here, we speak to some of the artists we've covered since Extended Play launched last year.

Warm Up with PS122’s Red Hot COIL

PS122's COIL festival runs at various venues throughout New York City from January 5-17. Extended Play features three shows from this year's line up.

Nilaja Sun Goes Back Home to “Pike St.”

With "Pike St.," her first solo show since 2006's "No Child...," Nilaja Sun explores her native Lower East Side through the lens of a family weathering a brutal hurricane.

Revolting Activism: The Yes Men Blend Performance and Real-World Action

Activist/writer Andrea Ciannavei interviews Jacques Servin and Laura Nix about the Yes Men, the activist performance duo that targets power systems.

All the Rage: Vector’s “Habitus” Aims to Anger Audiences

Theater artist Talya Klein recounts her challenging experience with "Habitus," an installation/stage show from multimedia dance company Vector that premiered in March 2015.

Stretch Your Legs and Imagination with Elastic City

"The thing I ask the artist is: What’s urgent to you? And then also: What can you do with groups that you might not be able to do by yourself? There is a politic there. Some people address it head on in a very overt way, and others are more nuanced."

Negative Space: Reflections on the Civilians’ Met Museum Residency

Micharne Cloughley reflects on the Civilians' season as the first-ever theater company-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for which she wrote the play "The Way They Live."

In the Penobscot River’s Open Waters, Fish Are the Performers

In May of 2015, Jennie Hahn of Maine's Open Waters performance collaborative launched a multi-year investigation into the Penobscot River. She invited writer Cory Tamler to help launch the project, which will inform a performance event in 2017.

Immerse Yourself: PopUp Theatrics Surfaces in Harlem

"The breaking of gentrification, the breaking of cultural ties — it’s a lot of what is happening in Harlem for us right now. That’s what so many people talked about — just losing the thread of the community, of a kind of cultural identity."

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