Civilians’ R&D In Process: Michael Alvarez on Transcendent Theatre

In our R&D In Process Series, members of our 2019-20 R&D Group take us behind-the-scenes of their projects in development. Today, Michael Alvarez reflects on the need for innovative uses of space in contemporary theater, and his work on Jason Tseng's immersive play "Sanctuary."

Civilians’ R&D In Process: Between Cultures, Between Texts, Between Worlds (Entre Culturas, Entre Textos, Entre Mundos)

Kathleen Capdesuñer discusses her work directing Matt Barbot's "Drown My Book" as part of the Civilians' 2019-20 R&D Group.

Announcing the Ninth Annual R&D Group FINDINGS Series – now online! – and opening applications for the 2020-2021 R&D Group

The Civilians presents the ninth annual R&D Group FINDINGS Series, running 5/29-6/29, and opens applications for the 2020-21 R&D Group.

Civilians’ R&D In Process: Directing Theater Now

In our R&D In Process Series, members of our 2019-20 R&D Group take us behind-the-scenes of their projects in development. Today, Whitney Mosery discusses directing theater in an uncertain moment and her work on Kate Douglas and Grace McLean's musical "Against Women & Music!" It will receive a work-in-progress showing on June 29 at 3pm.

Expanding Where, Why, How, and With Whom Artists in the United States Work

Jan Cohen-Cruz invites theater makers working in community-based and socially engaged art in the United States to take part in research about commonalities across the field, the practices and principles adhered to, where people work and with whom, and more.

Civilians’ R&D In Process: AFRIKAN•ISCH

Ilana Becker interviewed R&D Group member Darrel Alejandro Holnes about his research process and his impetus for writing AFRIKAN•ISCH, a new play cycle drawing on ethnographic interviews Holnes conducted within Black communities in Berlin. Black Feminist Video Game, the first work in the cycle, will receive a work-in-progress showing on 6/24.

Introducing the 2020 R&D In Process Series on Extended Play

R&D Group Program Director Ilana Becker introduces the six projects in development in the 2019-20 R&D Group. Over the next several weeks, Extended Play will be publishing interviews, songs, articles and more from the R&D artists, including previews of their work and behind-the-scenes insights into their diverse research processes.

Sam Chanse on the Science of Trauma in “What You Are Now”

In this interview, playwright Sam Chanse discusses the workshop process for her new play "What You Are Now," and shares some of the things she read, watched, and listened to while she was writing it.

Trap Music Meets Investigative Theater in Stacey Rose’s TRAPT

In this interview with Extended Play, the creative team behind "TRAPT," a new devised investigative theater piece about trap music, discusses their creative process and ongoing reckoning with trap music in advance of a presentation at Joe's Pub on December 16.

Civilians R&D in Process: Rebecca Hart & David Kornfeld

R&D Program Director Megan McClain interviews Associate Artist Rebecca Hart about her project with composer David Kornfeld being developed in the Civilians R&D Group. Based partly on their own neurodiverse lives, the work asks questions about creativity, sanity, and what we consider "normal."

What Trap Music Means To Me: A Reckoning

Stacey Rose discusses her relationship to Trap music and how it inspired "TRAPT," a new play she is developing in the Civilians R&D Group.

Civilians R&D In Process: Untitled CREDIT Project

Molly Beach Murphy, Jeanna Phillips, and Annie Tippe share the inspiration behind "Untitled CREDIT Project," a new music-theater fantasia that examines America's volatile relationship to money and our addictive love affair with live television.

Civilians R&D In Process: Deepali Gupta

Writer, composer and lyricist Deepali Gupta discusses some research topics for "I Love You Stranger," a new musical which takes a personal look at bipolar disorder. Navigating a balance of research and memoir, this work is being developed in the Civilians R&D Group.

Civilians R&D In Process: Zack Zadek on The Island

Writer, composer and lyricist Zack Zadek discusses how growing up on Long Island has inspired his new work, "Store Brand," which he is developing in the Civilians R&D Group.

In Our Words Makes Gay Sex Happen on Stage

Alan Bounville, Artistic Director of In Our Words, writes about turning gay sex — pre and post AIDS — into an immersive theater experience called "Adonis Memories."

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