EP Weekly Roundup 2.18.17

In addition to our regular offerings of interviews, features, and artist commentary, we're posting a weekly roundup of events from around the world that fall under the realm of investigative, immersive or interactive performance.

Lots of immersive and interactive work in this weekly roundup. From an EP favorite, PopUP Theatrics, in St. John the Divine to a dance theater freak show to multi-sensory play with toddlers, performance makers are surrounding, engulfing, and engaging their audiences.

A reminder that the weekly roundup isn’t an endorsement, as we’ve not personally seen everything. It’s our way of keeping you in the loop.


pop up

PopUP Theatrics
St. John the Divine

INSIDE: a new immersive from PopUP Theatrics asks you to travel through non-public spaces on the campus of the majestic Cathedral of St. John the Divine as you and your companion witness one world with your eyes and another unfolds in your head.

In this “post-truth” era and a present reigned by “alternative facts”, INSIDE explores the deep mechanisms of manipulation and poses the question “how much of what you experience is affected by the voices in your head.”

Come explore the distance between Truth and Reality, discover the vast landscapes that exist between Fact and the stories we tell ourselves.




“Please Bring Balloons”
Feb 21st-March 5th
Created by David Kilpatrick
Directed by Sara Morgulis
New York Children’s Theater

An interactive, multi-sensory theater experience created for our youngest audience members. Based on Lindsay Ward’s beautiful illustrated book, PLEASE BRING BALLOONS is a fun and dynamic introduction to theater that you and your toddler will love.




“Freaks Don’t Cry”
Linked Dance Theatre
Coney Island USA

“Freaks Don’t Cry” is an immersive experience inspired by Coney Island’s acclaimed sideshow. The year is 1975 and none other than Fred Trump is seeking to evict the resident freaks from their home. Our cast is seeking a daring audience, enthusiastic about joining the act and helping to save the sideshow from obscurity. We are also inviting the possibility of a single audience member getting to be initiated as an honorary freak for the night. Perhaps we will finally learn the true price of transformation.



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