EP Weekly Roundup 3/10/17

In addition to our regular offerings of interviews, features, and artist commentary, we're posting a weekly roundup of events from around the world that fall under the realm of investigative, immersive or interactive performance.

Scene from Submersive Productions “H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum Presents: The Treasures of New Galapagos, Astonishing Acquisitions from the Perisphere”

We’re all immersive this week at the weekly roundup. Seems to be all the rage these days. From Betty Shamieh’s riff on Camus to a dark reimagining of Oz to a bizarre interstellar museum landing in Baltimore, these offerings couldn’t be more different.

A reminder that the weekly roundup isn’t an endorsement, as we’ve not personally seen everything. It’s our way of keeping you in the loop.


Alok Tewari as Abu. Photo credit: Stephanie Keith

Alok Tewari as Abu. Photo credit: Stephanie Keith

“The Strangest”
By Betty Shamieh
Directed by May Adrales
The Semitic Root
March 11-April 1, 2017

“The Strangest” is an absurdist murder mystery loosely inspired by the unnamed Arab killed in Albert Camus novel, The Stranger. Audience members are invited into an immersive theatrical experience in which they enter a traditional Arab storytelling café, where masters of the oral tradition told tales for centuries.  Set in French Algiers on the brink of revolution, three Arab brothers vie for the love of the same woman. Their bitter rivalry ends with one brother being inexplicably gunned down by a French stranger.



Kansas The Key

“The Kansas Collection”
Chapter 1: The Key, (March 24-25, 2017)
Chapter 2: The Axe (March 31-April 1, 2017)
Chapter 3 (April 7-8, 2017)

The Speakeasy Society Los Angeles reimagines Frank L. Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in this serialized, immersive production. The first chapter in “The Kansas Collection” is almost sold out, and parts two and three are going quickly. Here’s the description for “Chapter One: The Key,” which was extended from its original run in February 2017:

Kansas, you have a choice. The Mid-West is in the midst of the dust bowl. You are in need of food, money, and shelter. Opportunity is scarce, hope is nowhere to be seen, and the future looks bleak. When a curious group of strangers set up a colorful tent on the edge of town  you have a decision to make – one that could unlock a new world of possibilities.’ All they ask is a brief moment of your time… “There’s a storm on the horizon. Won’t you come inside?” Will you answer the call for a better future?

NOTE:  This series contains disturbing themes and simulated violence.  Recommended for 14+



Museum 2

You are invited to the Grand Opening of H.T. Darling’s latest exhibition: The Treasures of New Galapagos. The Incredible Musaeum will be a fully immersive experience brought to life through performance, puppetry, interactive sets, an original soundtrack, multiple stories, and delights for all the senses. You are not likely to see the museum world the same way again.





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