EP Weekly Roundup: Tiger Dublin Fringe

This week's roundup focuses on the Tiger Dublin Fringe. Very cool verbatim, immersive, and interactive pieces in this year's festival.

We’re rounding up fringe festival season with the Tiger Dublin Fringe. Founded in 1995, this annual celebration of theater, visual art, live art, dance, and music is a great decompression from Edinburgh and offers some of the boldest artists in the world.

This year, the Tiger Dublin Fringe has some verbatim, some interactive, and some immersive. Hey, great! It’s everything we cover here on Extended Play. It runs September 10-25, so if you happen to be headed to Dublin, get out there and catch some of it.

One particular feature of this festival is their annual Spiegeltent, which offers a bevvy of weird, amazing, and stunning sideshow, cabaret, and circus performers.

As always, the weekly roundup isn’t an endorsement, as we’ve not personally seen everything. It’s our way of keeping you in the loop.


{title}“George Bush and ChildrenCo”
presented by Dick Walsh Theatre and Pan Pan

Topical talk shows are spontaneous speech-acts. Kind of. Repeat them verbatim in a theater, and you see that they are theater. Sophisticated and very effective. But a form of theater that Shakespeare could never have dreamed of. Or even Bertolt Brecht.

Energy, death, the truth, surfing, speedos, sex, history, politics and the meaning of life.

Everything you could want is touched upon. And even though nothing new is being said here (we’re just repeating what’s already been said); you should come to this show. The same thing is happening in every other theater right now anyway, isn’t it?




Photo credit: Clíona Ní Laoi


“How is it possible to kill someone without a reason? I don’t know, but I didn’t have a reason.”

There’s an angel on a killing spree in the city of Bremen. For more than a decade she systematically poisons everyone in her life: parents, children, lovers, and friends. As the body count mounts, she layers herself in thirteen corsets, creating a dangerous illusion of beauty.

This theater piece devised by Erin Gilgen, Emma Hughes, Naomi Faughnan and Louisa Sanfey, circles the mysteries of an incredible true story about the limits of what a woman can take.

Sometimes, when you can’t bend anymore, you break.





Be a fly on the wall in the artists’ studio as Adrian+Shane create new paintings, screen prints and photographs in the heart of Temple Bar.

Become their muse and join in the creative process. Bring along what inspires you; props, clothes or something you love to be used in photographic portraits. Share your thoughts to fuel the imaginations of this pop art duo.

Broadcasting live on YouTube each day, voyeurs and viewers from across the globe will be part of this live art experience.



Photo credit: Ryan O'Hara

Photo credit: Ryan O’Hara

“Reassembled, Slightly Askew”
Shannon Yee

An autobiographical, audio-based artwork about Shannon’s experience of falling critically ill with a rare brain infection and her journey of rehabilitation with an acquired brain injury. Audience members experience Reassembled, Slightly Askew individually, listening to the audio via headphones, while lying on a hospital bed. The audio technology makes the sound three-dimensional, causing listeners to feel they are inside Shannon’s head, viscerally experiencing her descent into coma, brain surgeries, early days in the hospital, and reintegration into the world with a hidden disability. A new kind of storytelling about a singular experience.



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