Apply for the Civilians R&D Group Now!

Megan McClain, who leads the R&D Group at the Civilians, discusses the projects that were presented at the R&D FINDINGS Series in May 2017 and invites people to apply for the 2017-18 group.

EP Weekly Roundup 10.21.16

This week's Roundup features shows from Berlin, New York and Los Angeles.

EP Weekly Roundup 9.02.16: Philly Fringe

This week's roundup focuses on the Philly Fringe. Some fascinating dance, digital and investigative work featured in here.

Civilians R&D In Process: The FINDINGS Series

Megan McClain, R&D Coordinator at the Civilians, previews the projects that will be presented at the R&D FINDINGS Series, now through May 20.

Civilians R&D In Process: Dominic Finocchiaro’s Reality

Playwright Dominic Finocchiaro discusses how reality television has inspired his new play, "Gold Person," which he is developing in the Civilians R&D Group.

Civilians R&D In Process: The Anarchy! Team

Civilians R&D Group members EllaRose Chary, Jay Stull and Jordan Mahome reflect on adapting their investigation into state-resistance movements for the Let Me Ascertain You cabaret stage.

Civilians R&D In Process: The Columbiners Team

Civilians R&D Group members Gordon Leary, Julia Meinwald and Benjamin Kamine are working on musical inspired by an online community of fans of the Columbine killers. Here, they share some of the visual research they have gathered in their investigation.

Civilians R&D In Process: Suzanne Agins

Director Suzanne Agins describes the process of collaborating with director Benjamin Kamine on curating "Let Me Ascertain You: War on Christmas," the first cabaret performance of the Civilians' 2015-16 season. The show explores non-Christian perspectives on the commercialization of Christmas.

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