This is Reading: Photo & Video Essay

It’s always fascinating to be a small piece of an enormous work, such as This is Reading. For months, you hear bits and bobs about the grand scheme but focus only on your tiny piece. This past weekend, we saw it all come together at Franklin Street Station.

“Draw Me Close” at Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes

London's National Theatre and the National Film Board of Canada helped facilitate Jordan Tannahill's virtual reality story "Draw Me Close," which debuted at Tribeca Film Festival's Storyscapes.

Fusebox 2017: VR, Robots, and Sex Cams, Oh My!

Fusebox returns for another year of some of the best contemporary, multi-disciplinary, digital performing and visual arts in the world.

Jen Kwok Wants to Bathe You in Sonic Love

"My goal is to have some sort of spiritual connection...with the music as a vehicle." — Jen Kwok

Third Rail Projects Holds Up a Mirror to the Audience

“All of the work really is kind of a mirror,” says Morris. “If you do it right, there is enough space for the audience to find themselves in it, and to be able to read whatever they need or want to read into the work. And so it can truly speak to them in a really personal way.”

“That Sh*t’s Global” — Women Taking Theater Behind, and Beyond, Bars

Extended Play talks to three artists who use theater to empower imprisoned women around the world.

Looking Back on Our First Year at Extended Play

We are celebrating one year of bringing you some of the most exciting stories about investigative theater artists from around the world! Here, we speak to some of the artists we've covered since Extended Play launched last year.

Warm Up with PS122’s Red Hot COIL

PS122's COIL festival runs at various venues throughout New York City from January 5-17. Extended Play features three shows from this year's line up.

All the Rage: Vector’s “Habitus” Aims to Anger Audiences

Theater artist Talya Klein recounts her challenging experience with "Habitus," an installation/stage show from multimedia dance company Vector that premiered in March 2015.

With “10 out of 12,” Anne Washburn and Les Waters Take You Inside Tech Week

“The whole thing about a tech is that the designers are all trapped at tables... So, in a way, the degree to which an audience member is trapped in a seat is very much the way the designers are trapped at their stations."

PearlDamour Explores What it Means to Be American, One Town Named Milton at a Time

Performance art duo PearlDamour investigates the corners of America in their latest community engagement experiment and site-specific performance "Milton."

Transforming Documentary Film into Live Spectacle: Sam Green on Exploring the Fleeting Nature of Being Alive

“I don’t want to make a piece that bums people out. You can start to sound precious saying stuff like this, but in my mind, human connection and empathy are some of the highest aims of art."

Surviving the Apocalypse with “The Simpsons”

Vanity Fair Columnist Richard Lawson and "Mr. Burns" creators Steve Cosson and Anne Washburn discuss the cartoon that has influenced American humor and political ideology since the late 80s.

Sometimes Objects Are Made to Be Used: Jeanine Oleson on Opera, Rocky Horror, and Audience Alienation

Actor Tony Torn talks to artist Jeanine Oleson about her experiments moving opera off the proscenium stage and into the interactive space of the New Museum.

Can Theater Save the Planet?

Steve Cosson and Cynthia Hopkins discuss their different theatrical journeys through the Arctic to address the global climate change crisis.

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