A Pretty Filthy Podcast, Part 6

Actors Brad Heberlee and Kelly McCreary perform monologues and Lexy Fridell sings a song from the new musical "Pretty Filthy," which Bess Wohl & Michael Friedman have written from interviews with porn professionals.

Porn legend Axel Braun comes front and center this week. Our interview with Braun inspired both Brad Heberlee’s monologue in this episode and the song “Squirting 101” in A Pretty Filthy Podcast: Part IV. This week also boasts another round of Porn Charades, Kelly McCreary as Ms. Brown Sugar, and Lexy Fridell singing “ABC, 123” by Michael Friedman. The live performance took place at Joe’s Pub, based on interviews conducted with real adult entertainment professionals for “Pretty Filthy,” a new musical by Bess Wohl and Michael Friedman.

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