A Pretty Filthy Podcast, Part 9

Five actors bring to life the words of porn stars interviewed for the new Michael Friedman/Bess Wohl musical, "Pretty Filthy."

In this, the final episode in our “Pretty Filthy” series, actors Emily Ackerman, Daoud Heidami, Nina Hellman, Dael Orlandersmith & Gibson Frazier portray, respectively, porn titans Lynn LeMay, Sebastian Silver, Kelly Holland, Pamela Peaks & Eli Cross. Plus, a live audience at Joe’s Pub in NYC plays porn charades. All monologues are based on interviews conducted for the new Michael Friedman/Bess Wohl musical, “Pretty Filthy.” Special thanks to our interviewing team: Mia Barron, Laura Nix, Taylor Wilcox, and Matt Maher.

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