Bogotá Prison Pageant, Part 2

This episode continues our investigation of the beauty pageant that takes place in the national women's prison in Bogotá, Colombia. Actors perform monologues based on interviews with contestants, inmates and staff at the prison.

In this episode, we continue our investigation of the beauty pageant at El Buen Pastor, the national women’s prison in Bogotá, Colombia. Our first Bogotá Prison Pageant episode focused on the contestants from the High Security section of the prison. This week, we head into the General Population to give you an intimate look at how these women prepare for the pageant. This material was performed and recorded live at 92YTribeca in NYC. Under Steve Cosson’s direction, performers Ana Lamadrid, Jenny Morris, Matt Dellapina and Flor De Liz Perez recite monologues based on interviews conducted by Alejandro Jaramillo Hoyos, Lorena Lopez, and Adriana Osorio.

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