F*ing & Dying: Love/Sex/Reproduction

The final episode in our series on sex and death features stories and songs about sexomnia, sex addiction and a child's view of mortality.

The fourth and final episode in our “F*cking & Dying” series focuses on the competing drives of sex and death. First, Andrea Grody performs her original song about sexomnia (unconsciously engaging in sexual activity while asleep), “We Could Always Try Counting Sheep!” Then, Cindy Cheung performs a monologue about sex and love addiction. And César Alvarez closes the episode with a lullaby he wrote for his daughter called “The Year of Dying.” Thank you to all of the interviewees and artists who helped bring these stories to life, including the Civilians’ team of interviewers: Quinlan Corbett, Ian Daniel, Amina Henry, Michelle Jalowski, Leicester Landon, Gina Ratton, and Benjamin Viertel. Michael Liebenluft was our project director, and the live show at Joe’s Pub was directed by Mia Rovegno.

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