F*ing & Dying: Turned On

The first episode in a series exploring two of our favorite subjects: sex and death! Hear monologues from Stephen Plunkett and Sam Breslin Wright, as well as a song from cabaret superstar Lady Rizo.

Our new podcast series — “F*cking & Dying” — explores two of the Civilians’ favorite subjects: sex and death. This first episode focuses on death as the ultimate turn-on. Stephen Plunkett performs a monologue based on an interview with porn director Craven Moorehead. And Sam Breslin Wright portrays Johannes, the director of “The Six Feet Under Club,” a festival in Austria where people can be buried alive. The episode closes with Lady Rizo singing her and Yair Evnine’s original song “Under,” based on a “Six Feet Under Club” participant who got buried alive with her lover.

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