Sex Variants, Part 2

The second episode in our series based on the work of Dr. George W. Henry features monologues & music from Trey Lyford, Kate Buddeke, Dan Domingues, Jessie Shelton, Nathan Dame and César Alvarez & the Lisps.

This episode — the second in our podcast series based on Dr. George W. Henry’s “Sex Variants: A Study of Homosexual Patterns” — features live recordings from a show we produced at Joe’s Pub in NYC. Actor Trey Lyford plays Dr. Henry, with Kate Buddeke and Dan Domingues portraying actual study participants. Also, Jessie Shelton and Nathan Dame sing “That Crazy Business,” a song Andrea Grody wrote about a case study. And closing the episode, César Alvarez and the Lisps (Sammy Tunis, Eric Farber, and Lorenzo Wolff) sing their song “The Future Looks Very Fine,” based on another participant.

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