Sex Variants, Part 4

The fourth and final episode in our series exploring the work of pioneering sex researcher Dr. George W. Henry features monologues & music from Trey Lyford, Max Vernon, Nedra McClyde, Marykate O’Neil & Jill Sobule.

This fourth episode in the Civilians’ “Sex Variants” podcast series — recorded live at Joe’s Pub in NYC — concludes our look at the work of pioneering sex researcher Dr. George W. Henry. Throughout the series, Trey Lyford portrays Dr. Henry. Here, Max Vernon sings a song he wrote based on one of Dr. Henry’s subjects, Nedra McClyde portrays a vaudeville comedian who participated in the study, and Marykate O’Neil sings a song that Jill Sobule wrote called “Odd Girl Out.”

Many thanks to everyone involved in this project, including contributors Ian Daniel, Joel Glassman, Amina Henry, Leicester Landon, and Benjamin Viertel.

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