The Lobby Project: Working on WORKING

In this episode of Let Me Ascertain You, the Civilians' podcast, we hear a recording of Working on WORKING, the Lobby Project for the Encores! Off-Center production of Working.

This episode of Let Me Ascertain You is the first of three recordings of the 2019 Lobby Projects, created by The Civilians in Residence with New York City Center. The Lobby Project is a series of pre-performance events featuring a musical theater performance based around the themes of each Encores! Off-Center production.

Working on WORKING was created using The Civilians’ signature investigative approach, utilizing 23 interviews with people working in and around City Center and the theater community. The actors embody multiple characters as we tell the stories of this community.

Working on WORKING
Written by EllaRose Chary and Jay Stull
Based on interviews by The Civilians
Cast: Cindy Cheung, Jennifer Fouché, Mark Montague and Uton Onyejekwe

Musical Numbers:

‘Weather and Music’ by Rona Siddiqui
Performed by: Uton Onyejekwe with Cindy Cheung, Jennifer Fouché and Mark Montague

‘Sweet Ass Job’ by Melissa Lusk
Performed by: Jennifer Fouché with Cindy Cheung, Mark Montague and Uton Onyejekwe

‘One to One’ by Ellen Winter
Performed by: Cindy Cheung and Mark Montague

‘Somebody Made the Cup’ by EllaRose Chary and Brandon James Gwinn
Performed by: Cindy Cheung, Jennifer Fouché, Mark Montague and Uton Onyejekwe

Director: Jay Stull
Music Director: Benjamin Weiss
Stage Manager: Esther Bermann
Assistant Director: Maeve Montague
Producer: Amy C. Ashton

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