Micharne Cloughley
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As writer, Micharne Cloughley’s plays with the Civilians include "The Way They Live" and "The End and the Beginning" (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) and, as dramaturg, "Be the Death of Me" (Irondale Center). Micharne’s other plays include "99 Phone Calls You Shouldn't Have Made," "Masters of F*** All," "Not That Kind of Doll" and "One Flesh." Her work has been developed or presented by Holden Street Theatres, Animus Theatre Company, Australian Made Entertainment NYC, Rock Surfers Theatre Company, Baggage Productions and the Australia Council's Jump Mentorship program. Micharne also works both in the development and production of non-fiction television series.

Micharne Cloughley's articles

Negative Space: Reflections on the Civilians’ Met Museum Residency

Micharne Cloughley reflects on the Civilians' season as the first-ever theater company-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for which she wrote the play "The Way They Live."