Live at the Met Museum: A Pretty Filthy Glimpse at the Other Hollywood

A look at the process of creating The Civilians' new musical "Pretty Filthy," letting you hear some of the interviews that didn't make it into the final show but were too good not to share.

What you’re about to hear has been workshopped and presented at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of the Civilians’ artist residency. The performances come from interviews we did during our investigation for our upcoming musical, “Pretty Filthy,” about the ‘Other Hollywood’ in the San Fernando Valley… porn capital of the world. We went behind-the-scenes and interviewed countless directors, porn stars, agents and beyond. “Pretty Filthy” goes up at Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side in New York City on Jan. 31st. Here’s a look at some of the interviews that didn’t make it into that musical but were too good not to share.

First we have Damian Baldet as a famous porn director, Keith. Then, Jeanine Serralles performs the legendary porn star Ginger Lynn and Jennifer Morris performs porn star Tabitha Stephens. To close, Heidi Blickenstaff performs an original song written by Michael Friedman that will appear in “Pretty Filthy,” called ‘Beautiful.’

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