In Our Words Makes Gay Sex Happen on Stage

Alan Bounville, Artistic Director of In Our Words, writes about turning gay sex — pre and post AIDS — into an immersive theater experience called "Adonis Memories."

Larissa FastHorse Breaks From Theater’s Inhospitable Environment with “Urban Rez”

"Years ago as an audience member, I was the one shushing people if they made what I considered too much noise. I worried about what I wore and glared at people who texted during shows. Now I go to the theater and all I can see is what an inhospitable environment we have created." - Larissa FastHorse

At Home and Abroad, the Abbey Theatre Explores the Intersection of Peace and Violence

With its current productions of "Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme" in Dublin and "Quietly" in New York, the Abbey Theatre mines Irish history to pose universal questions about human violence.

PopUP Theatrics Ties Up Its “Broken City” Trilogy

"It’s so refreshing to be able to explore all the possibilities public spaces have to offer. It’s a very rich canvas available to you all the time in this concept." - Peca Stefan

Elastic City Wraps Up Its Great Participatory Walk Experiment

"I've never wanted Elastic City to institutionalize in a way where we're beholden to anyone — I see it like a small record label or an indie press— it's always been a project with a focus to produce rigorous work and get it out there directly to the public." - Todd Shalom, Elastic City artistic director

Campaign Office Puts You on the Presidential Ballot

Campaign Office is a new physical and digital installation where would-be candidates can self-nominate for President of the United States. Visitors are invited to launch their campaign by recording an announcement speech, generated automatically from 2016 campaign speeches, and filing paperwork necessary to be an official candidate for president.

Lifejacket Theatre Reads Between the Lines to Find the Real “Gorey”

Lifejacket Theatre Artistic Director Travis Russ describes the process of creating a play about the enigmatic writer and artist Edward Gorey.

The Public Theater’s Mobile Unit Changes Lives

On Juliet: “That’s a ride or die girl — they don’t make them like that anymore.” (Urban Dictionary cites, “ride or die chick” as a girl willing to “do anything her man needs her to do.”)

Carlo D’Amore Draws Parallels Between Typhoid Mary and His Mother

Carlo D'Amore, Creative Director of the Drama Desk-nominated Live in Theater, discusses the very personal inspiration for his company's new interactive and immersive show, "The Trial of Typhoid Mary."

Nilaja Sun Goes Back Home to “Pike St.”

With "Pike St.," her first solo show since 2006's "No Child...," Nilaja Sun explores her native Lower East Side through the lens of a family weathering a brutal hurricane.

In Conversation with Helen Keller at the Transport Group

Jack Cummings III, Artistic Director of the Transport Group, reflects on the process of developing his company's show "Three Days to See" from the writings of Helen Keller. It played at New York Theater Workshop during the summer of 2015.

Negative Space: Reflections on the Civilians’ Met Museum Residency

Micharne Cloughley reflects on the Civilians' season as the first-ever theater company-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for which she wrote the play "The Way They Live."

In the Penobscot River’s Open Waters, Fish Are the Performers

In May of 2015, Jennie Hahn of Maine's Open Waters performance collaborative launched a multi-year investigation into the Penobscot River. She invited writer Cory Tamler to help launch the project, which will inform a performance event in 2017.

Pulling the Wagon: Turbo Pascal and the Theater of Social Work

“We never felt like 'professional' professional artists.” German theater collective Turbo Pascal aggressively creates free and public art in a country where the state-run theater monopolizes professional opportunities.

From Muslims in America to Child Soldiers in the Congo: Ping Chong Values Underheard Voices

In his nearly 50-year career, investigative theater pioneer Ping Chong has explored some of the more controversial topics of our time and inspired others to emulate his methodology.

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