Paris Commune

The creators of "Paris Commune," including Steve Cosson & Michael Friedman, discuss the challenges & joys of bringing this historical theater piece to the stage.

Our latest show, “Paris Commune,” will receive its world premiere at ArtsEmerson in Boston, followed by a run at BAM’s Next Wave Festival in the fall. The play concerns the explosive uprising of the Parisian working class in 1871. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at our efforts to recreate these historic events on stage. This episode features interviews with “Paris Commune” director and co-author Steve Cosson; co-author, translator and adapter of the songs Michael Friedman; and actor Aysan Celik, who has been with the project throughout its development. The episode closes with Quincy Tyler Bernstine singing “La Canaille,” a song performed at the radical cabaret of the actual Commune in the nineteenth century.

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