Sex Variants, Part 3

The third episode in our "Sex Variants" series further explores the work of sex researcher Dr. George W. Henry. Here, Trey Lyford, David Cale, Cyrilla Baer and Dito Van Riegersberg perform songs and monologues based on the doctor's research.

The third episode in our “Sex Variants” series — recorded live at Joe’s Pub in New York City — draws inspiration from the work of sex research pioneer Dr. George W. Henry. Here, actor Trey Lyford portrays Dr. Henry, with David Cale, Cyrilla Baer and Dito Van Riegersberg performing a monologue & songs based on participants in Dr. Henry’s study. Composer Michael Freidman and the team of Erato Kremmyda and Maggie-Kate Coleman contributed songs for this episode.

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