Amelia Parenteau
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Amelia Parenteau is a playwright, journalist, translator, and cultural commentator currently living in Brooklyn. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she studied writing, theater, French, and gender studies. She has worked with TCG, Ping Chong & Company, and the Lark Play Development Center in New York, and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut. She is a member of the FENCE and the League of Professional Theatre Women, and she has been published in Asymptote Literary Magazine and American Theatre Magazine.

Amelia Parenteau's articles

Battling Brooklyn Gentrification with Performance Art

Performance artist Aisha Cousins, along with musician Greg Tate, created “Brer Rabbit the Opera” as a response to the shifting demographics in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

From Muslims in America to Child Soldiers in the Congo: Ping Chong Values Underheard Voices

In his nearly 50-year career, investigative theater pioneer Ping Chong has explored some of the more controversial topics of our time and inspired others to emulate his methodology.