Not Another Memory Play

In this essay, the members of the Remember2019 Collective, Arielle Julia Brown, Ashley Teague, Carlos Sirah, Mauricio Tafur Salgado and Yazmany Arboleda, talk about their eight-year durational, grassroots engagement with the Black community of the Arkansas Delta.

Emily Ackerman Collects Cleaning Supplies from Closed Schools for Essential Workers

In this week's update from The Civilians' Associate Artist community, Emily Ackerman talks about discovering a treasure trove of cleaning supplies at a closed school, and donating them to essential workers.

Adapting our Power in COVID Times

Over the next several weeks, members of our 2019-20 R&D Group will take us behind-the-scenes of their projects in development. First up is Rachel Dickstein, director and co-creator of “Candidate X” with writer Aisha Zia and composer Kamala Sankaram. It will receive a work-in-progress showing on June 5 at 3:00pm EDT.

Introducing the 2020 R&D In Process Series on Extended Play

R&D Group Program Director Ilana Becker introduces the six projects in development in the 2019-20 R&D Group. Over the next several weeks, Extended Play will be publishing interviews, songs, articles and more from the R&D artists, including previews of their work and behind-the-scenes insights into their diverse research processes.

Marsha Stephanie Blake makes #MarshaMasks for Healthcare Workers

Over the next few weeks, Extended Play will be bringing you stories from members of The Civilians Associate Artist community. First up, Marsha Stephanie Blake tells us about her #MarshaMasks.

Sam Chanse on the Science of Trauma in “What You Are Now”

In this interview, playwright Sam Chanse discusses the workshop process for her new play "What You Are Now," and shares some of the things she read, watched, and listened to while she was writing it.

The Cast of “Whisper House” on Theater in the Time of Corona

In this interview with Extended Play, the cast of "Whisper House," which closed before its first preview due to COVID-19, reminisces about the show and discusses their hopes for its future.

The Trickle Up Brings Together Artists to Combat Poverty

NYC artists help their peers living below the poverty line by sharing videos on new subscription-based site.

“Hang On” Wants the Subway to Be for Everyone

In this interview with Extended Play, we talk to the creative team behind “Hang On,” an indie-folk exploration of the New York City subway. Come see “Hang On” this Monday, January 6 at 7PM at Joe’s Pub.

Revisiting “This Beautiful City” with the Original Cast

In this interview with Extended Play, members of the original cast of "This Beautiful City" talk about the show's origins, Michael Friedman's legacy and the bittersweet experience of recording the new album.

Taking a Deep Dive into Gun Violence in “Our New Town”

Through music, immersion and metathearics, "Our New Town" calls us all to wake up and take ownership of our personal relationship to guns and gun violence.

The Real Life of Paul Swan, with His Biographers Janis and Richard Londraville

Janis and Richard Londraville are a husband-and-wife team of literary scholars. Together, they have published numerous biographies, including the 2006 book, The Most Beautiful Man in the World: Paul Swan, from Wilde to Warhol, the first comprehensive biography of Paul...

Civilians R&D in Process: Deborah Yarchun

Deborah Yarchun discusses "Drive," a new play exploring the lives of truck drivers who must compete with self-driving vehicles. "Drive" is being developed in the 2018-19 R&D Group.

Civilians R&D in Process: Rebecca Hart & David Kornfeld

R&D Program Director Megan McClain interviews Associate Artist Rebecca Hart about her project with composer David Kornfeld being developed in the Civilians R&D Group. Based partly on their own neurodiverse lives, the work asks questions about creativity, sanity, and what we consider "normal."

What Trap Music Means To Me: A Reckoning

Stacey Rose discusses her relationship to Trap music and how it inspired "TRAPT," a new play she is developing in the Civilians R&D Group.

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