Revisiting “This Beautiful City” with the Original Cast

In this interview with Extended Play, members of the original cast of "This Beautiful City" talk about the show's origins, Michael Friedman's legacy and the bittersweet experience of recording the new album.

Taking a Deep Dive into Gun Violence in “Our New Town”

Through music, immersion and metathearics, "Our New Town" calls us all to wake up and take ownership of our personal relationship to guns and gun violence.

The Real Life of Paul Swan, with His Biographers Janis and Richard Londraville

Janis and Richard Londraville are a husband-and-wife team of literary scholars. Together, they have published numerous biographies, including the 2006 book, The Most Beautiful Man in the World: Paul Swan, from Wilde to Warhol, the first comprehensive biography of Paul...

Civilians R&D in Process: Deborah Yarchun

Deborah Yarchun discusses "Drive," a new play exploring the lives of truck drivers who must compete with self-driving vehicles. "Drive" is being developed in the 2018-19 R&D Group.

Civilians R&D in Process: Rebecca Hart & David Kornfeld

R&D Program Director Megan McClain interviews Associate Artist Rebecca Hart about her project with composer David Kornfeld being developed in the Civilians R&D Group. Based partly on their own neurodiverse lives, the work asks questions about creativity, sanity, and what we consider "normal."

What Trap Music Means To Me: A Reckoning

Stacey Rose discusses her relationship to Trap music and how it inspired "TRAPT," a new play she is developing in the Civilians R&D Group.

Andrew R. Butler and Portia Krieger Talk AMERICAN CRYPTIDS At Joe’s Pub This Monday, February 25th

Come see AMERICAN CRYPTIDS, an investigative musical theater performance. This Monday, February 25th, 7pm at Joe's Pub.

Civilians R&D Group: 2018 FINDINGS Series

R&D Program Director Megan McClain discusses the projects presented as part of the 2018 R&D FINDINGS Series and invites people to apply for the 2018-19 R&D Group.

Civilians R&D In Process: Untitled CREDIT Project

Molly Beach Murphy, Jeanna Phillips, and Annie Tippe share the inspiration behind "Untitled CREDIT Project," a new music-theater fantasia that examines America's volatile relationship to money and our addictive love affair with live television.

Civilians R&D In Process: Eva von Schweinitz explores “The Space between the Letters”

Eva von Schweinitz, the lead artist of "The Space between the Letters," discusses how her deep dive into adult literacy inspired her most recent work. Incorporating interviews and devising techniques, this project is being developed in the Civilians R&D Group.

Civilians R&D In Process: Deepali Gupta

Writer, composer and lyricist Deepali Gupta discusses some research topics for "I Love You Stranger," a new musical which takes a personal look at bipolar disorder. Navigating a balance of research and memoir, this work is being developed in the Civilians R&D Group.

This is Reading: Alex Magana with Lynn Nottage

"This is my...our...this is our city. It's not just about, 'It used to be ours and now it's theirs.' It's everyone's." — Alex Magana

This is Reading: Barbara Tarcynzki & Juan Zabala with Ed Wasserman

We’re so stuck on “This has worked here for so long,” that sometimes we’re scared to take the risk to change it. And I think that’s when you need the younger generation and you need the new populace to start telling you, “This is what we like, and this is what it needs to be.” — Juan Zabala

Sheila Callaghan’s Non-Play “(NOT) WATER” Dives Deep

"I can only speak to European countries I’ve been in where they don’t make the same demands on the storytelling of their theater, of their plays that we do in the U.S., and I’ve found this to be the case with a lot of my work that is more traditional. People feel safer in it.” — Sheila Callaghan

This is Reading: JD Turner with Ed Wasserman

"As a skateboarder, you look at things differently. Like architecture. And the way things are built. The way you can move your board on something." - JD Turner

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